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About Us


We supply characterful,  single-source honey and hazelnuts to chefs and the wider hospitality and specialist food sector who want to support local, high quality farming. People who are banishing highly processed brands from their kitchens and bars in favour of products that are created with stewardship of nature in mind, with an authentic terroir and stories to tell.

We believe in artisanal food production and traditional ways of farming and beekeeping that always place the welfare of our trees and bees first.

We have our own orchards and apiaries in the heart of the Monferrato hills in Piedmont, supporting traditional ways of farming and a sustainability agenda that gives back to our community through net biodiversity gain.

About the future

We think that food security, climate change adaptation and sustainability, is the right approach for the future. We aspire  to lead a pathway for a new generation of very conscious farmers who will be able to deal with the environmental issues they will be facing.


Our customers have made conscious decisions not to buy highly processed and blended commercial ‘honey’ of unknown origin. Instead, they come to us for our range of single-source, Italian honeys, which offer authenticity, provenance and exceptional flavours.

Honeybees are essential to the world’s domestic food production. From fruit and vegetables, to meat and dairy, our food producers all depend on bee pollination. Buying honey direct from local beekeepers supports them, supports a sustainable food economy, and puts money back at grassroots to boost small, rural communities.

 We honey  across Europe and also work with caterers, small local restaurants and specialist food producers, grocers, bakers, distillers and brewers who love and understand the exceptional quality and flavours of our honeys and the sustainable beekeeping practices that make them possible.

Our honeys are never blended. Just like fine olive oil and wine, their individuality and seasonality are something to be explored and celebrated. Every honey varietal has its own unique terroir, flavours, and story to tell.

our team of experts

Meet our passionate team of honey production professionals

Master Beekeeper

Federica De Santis


Mauro, Luca and Elena